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Factory Equipment is the principal publication in its field, presenting the latest product developments supported by in-depth articles and comment from key players in manufacturing and engineering. Concise case studies highlight recent and ongoing projects that provide practical application of the latest technologies and system enhancements designed to improve industrial efficiency across all areas within the factory, production facility and warehouse.

Factory Equipment is available in digital format and it is complemented by regular e-newsletters and the online portal, which carries the latest industry news, comment and technologies for manufacturing efficiency. The magazine also produces special supplements throughout the year looking at some of the biggest sectors across the industry.


Manufacturing-Journal is industry-focused International business magazine. Surveys demonstrate that is required reading for top managers across the whole spectrum of international manufacturing industry and in all major European countries. It's this diversity in depth that makes "Manufacturing-Journal" the forum of choice for international companies in so many fields. So, when major corporations throught the Continent have a story to tell, time and again they choose Manufacturing-Journal to tell it. is a single source of information to help UK manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality, innovate processes, embrace the latest technology and become more profitable.

Zenoot aims to inspire manufacturing growth by showing examples of world class manufacturing and the very best manufacturers through informative case studies, articles, interviews, challenging thought-leadership, news and statistics.