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Unite With 20 Senior Manufacturer Speakers In Just 1 Day As They Unveil The Latest People & Tech Strategies To Maximise Manufacturing Productivity

Engage People & Leverage Technology To Maximise Manufacturing Productivity: Boost Manufacturing Productivity & Create High-Performing Cultures With Strategic Methods of Attracting, Developing & Engaging Talent & Applying The Latest Technologies & Industry 4.0 In Practice
A One-Day, Industry-Led Conference & Networking Event, 30th April 2019, Macdonald Burlington Hotel, Birmingham

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08:30 Registration, Coffee & Informal Networking

09:00 GIC Welcome & Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks

Yvonne Thwaites
Head of HR Global Manufacturing & Supply
Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC


09:20 Sourcing Talent & Skills To Develop Your Future Workforce & Plug The Ever-Increasing Skills Gap

  • Stand out, get the right talent through your doors and make your role appeal to a wider audience
  • Engage early! When the talent pool is diminishing, safeguard your future skills requirements and get involved with further and higher education
  • Plug the skills gap and harness the upward potential of existing employees and agency staff
  • Let go - know when to cling on to your talent, when to bite the bullet, and when to watch them fly!
  • 'You're hired!' - the challenges of selecting apprentice talent and securing a motivated and talented workforce

Annabel West
Head of Engineering Policy


09:40 Creating A Highly-Efficient Culture For Staff Who Engage With The Product, Business & Process To Improve Performance & Productivity

  • Investigating the best manufacturing cultures; what are the successes? What are the pitfalls? What should you be doing better with culture in your organisation?
  • Changing your culture for the better? Successful implementation to streamline your business, create an engaged workforce and increase productivity that actually lasts
  • Industry-approved methods of maintaining engagement in a rapidly-evolving workforce that continues to drive business improvement and tackles absenteeism

Dr. Gunter Beitinger
Vice President Manufacturing
Siemens Digital Factory


10:20 Perspectives On A Wellbeing & Mental Health Culture Within Manufacturing

Baker Hughes delves into how wellbeing and mental health impacts site workers and how this can contribute towards more productive staff and a happier working environment.

Chris Woodhouse
Advanced Manufacturing Manager
Baker Hughes a GE Company
10:40 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Get The Best Out Of Your Workforce - Q&A PANEL

11.10 Practical Tips & Battle Scars! Put People At The Centre Of Your Manufacturing Strategies, Develop A High-Performance Team & Get The Best Out Of Your Workforce 

  • Share your pitfalls and disasters, we can all learn from our mistakes
  • Examples of how implementing teamwork correctly has made all the difference to improve performance and get results, even when it's not stuck
  • Productivity, successfully implemented tech and people are connected; how to hit the nail on the head and get the best out of your team to increase output and profitability

Andrea Salvadore
Head Of Engineering & OVO Energy

Oliver Blackwood
Head Of Engineering
OVO Energy

Jade Aspinall
Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Amy Blackledge
Area Manufacturing Manager
British Steel

Sarah Wooledge
Continuous Improvement Manager
The Binding Site

11:40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


12:10 Developing The Right Skills To Make The Most Of Your Workforce & Reduce The Impact On The Production Line

  • A multi-skilled and multi-functional workforce is a necessity; practical methods to upskill your people, achieve flexibility and increase productivity to reduce the impact of absence on your production line
  • When skill gaps are damaging productivity, determine the best people development strategies to eliminate these gaps once and for all
  • When it’s a toss-up between training or manufacturing, investigate the tools to minimise impact on productivity during training
  • Keep your people engaged, how to offer continued development and career progression for a successful workforce

John Kirven
Manufacturing Communications Manager
Canon UK & Ireland


12:30 Brexit, Mitigating Risk, Workforce & Import Implications... What Happens Now?

  • With the full implications and effects of Brexit still to be seen, what risk management strategies have professionals put in place to prepare for any outcome?
  • Brexit is impacting the workforce; how do you overcome the loss of European labour without it affecting your production line?
  • Imports, exports, tariffs and costs: Brexit’s impact on supply chain is unsettled, unclear and uncertain… how do we plan for this?
  • How will Brexit impact regulation and legislation today?

Michelle Firth
HR Manager
CSM Bakery Solutions

12:50 Lunch For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

13:20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Engineering Strategy & Performance
Alan Ellis
Engineering Director
Coca-Cola European Partners

B) Supply Chain

Francisco Gimenez
Engineering Manager
Vauxhall Motors Ltd

C) Aligning People & Tech

D) Environment

13:50 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks
Jade Aspinall
Senior Manufacturing Engineer


14:10 Technology & The Future, From Robotics, VR, AI, Additive & Automation, What Should You Invest In Now?

  • Struggling to keep up with the constant evolution of technology? Get ahead of the curve and assess what is worth investing in now
  • Stay competitive in the market by exploring cost-effective technologies that don’t compromise on quality
  • Technology is evolving faster than your workforce! Keep up-to-date with the trends, develop systems and people together and permanently improve productivity
  • How can technology support the people skills gap?

John Ahmet Erkoyuncu
Senior Lecturer in Digital Service Engineering
Cranfield University


Adam Locke
Partnership & Innovation Leader, Engineering Excellence Group

Laing O'Rourke


Further Panellists To Be Announced: Please Check Website For Updates

14:40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner. For more information on how to get involved, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email


15:10 Industry 4.0 & Data Is On Everyone’s Minds, So Discover Practical Applications For Your Business & How It Can Be Used To Your Advantage

  • Learn the best ways of practically tackling Industry 4.0 and data within your business and make the most of this essential movement
  • When Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing, discover how to implement it now and put yourself at the forefront of the industry
  • Using data analytics to shape decisions and uncover the useful data methods that will improve efficiency and productivity

Andy Schofield
Head of Manufacturing & Materials Engineering

BAE Systems

15:30 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Further Panellists To Be Announced: Please Check Website For Updates


16:00 Quick Wins & Insights: Using Lean & Visual To Streamline & Increase Manufacturing Efficiency

  • Living and breathing lean methodologies, successfully embedding them into the manufacturing process and staff ways of working to consistently be at the top of your game
  • Tangible ways of using lean and visual management to reduce waste, drive continuous improvement and increase productivity throughout the organisation


16:20 Building A CI Culture From Scratch To Drive Increased Productivity

Sarah Wooledge
Continuous Improvement Manager

The Binding Site

Leadership & Learning

16:40 Leadership & Learning – Together They Make The Difference

Martin Brunnock
Technical Director
Tata Steel UK

Dave Bright
Manager Operational Excellence

Tata Steel Strip Products UK

17:00 Chair's Closing Remarks

17:10 Official Close Of Conference